Bigger is Not Always Better: Benefits of Working with a Small Law Firm

Advertisements for large law firms are everywhere from the internet to local TV stations to billboards. When considering which law firm to use after a car accident, you may research a large law firm solely on name recognition. However, bigger is not always better when choosing a law firm. Here are the benefits of using a boutique law firm for your personal injury case.

Personalized Attention

Large law firms operate by taking on many cases and settling quickly to keep overhead costs low. This process puts your case in a file folder with hundreds of others, with a team of assistants or paralegals occasionally looking at your file to meet quotas and check boxes. This atmosphere hardly leaves time for your legal team to get to know you and understand your case to get fair compensation for your injuries. You may not even speak to an attorney throughout the settlement of your claim.

You will work directly with our attorneys on your case at a small law firm like The Buffalo Injury Law Firm, so your case receives the personalized attention it deserves. We ensure you are treated fairly and compensated adequately.

Frequent Communication

Small, boutique law firms have the time and resources to discuss your case with you regularly. If you have questions, you will receive a faster response than at a large law firm. You are also much more likely to speak with someone directly working on your case than you would at a large law firm. You will not need to spend hours waiting on hold or navigating a complex automated system to speak with your attorney. Contact us to learnmore.

Individualized Strategies

Large law firms often do not have time to dive deep into your case specifics to determine the best outcome. If your case is complex or will take a significant amount of time to process, they may not take the case at all. At The Buffalo Injury Law Firm, our attorneys work closely with each client to determine the value of your case and help you receive compensation for damages. We dedicate the time and resources necessary to create a customized plan if your case goes to trial to ensure you receive damages for your injuries. Our promise is not to use cookie-cutter approaches simply to close your case quickly.

Knowledge of the Local Area

Large law firms often operate in multiple states. Although they may advertise that they practice locally, they are often unaware of the intricacies of the laws and regulations for individual cities. They are also unfamiliar with the local area and its roadways, which is vital to defending your court case. Local law firms are also familiar with the local court system, including prosecutors and judges. The Buffalo Injury Law firm is a family-run boutique law firm serving the Buffalo area and Western New York. We live, work, and play here and are dedicated to helping our community get back to normal after an accident.

Specialized Services

Boutique law firms often focus on a few specific practice areas, becoming experts in that field. For example, The Buffalo Injury Law Firm specializes in personal injury and auto accident cases. We have a comprehensive understanding of the New York laws regarding no-fault insurance claims, car accidents, slips and falls, and other personal injury cases.

Buffalo Injury Law Firm: A Small and Mighty Firm on Your Side

We are on a mission to be a light during dark times and give hope to families as Jesus has given us. We stand for justice for those who have wrongfully suffered injuries and losses. Our dedicated lawyers and assistants will help pursue your case and ensure you receive adequate compensation for your injuries. We serve residents throughout Western New York, including Buffalo, Amherst, Hamburg, Rochester, Niagara Falls, and West Seneca. Call or text us today at (716) 646-8412 for a free case evaluation. We look forward to serving you.